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Bieber Fever?

By Silhouettes1 · April 15, 2011 · 0 Comments ·

Since I am not a teenage girl, I am immune to Bieber fever. But I was curious to see what his friends wore to the premiere of his movie, Never Say Never. Choosing fashion as a young woman is especially tricky, because you don’t want to dress too old for your age, but you don’t want to look like a little kid, either.

Selena Gomez strikes a good balance, although she is a little older than some of the kids at this premiere and old enough to pull this off. Her short and shiny purple dress coordinated well with Bieber’s muted purple tux.

I admire Miley’s desire to be casual, but this hippie-cowboy look appears to be about 20 years too old for her, not to mention 30 years out-of-date.

Chloe Moretz, at 14, is walking the kid-adult balance with this dress. It doesn’t look like a teenager’s dress, but she added a funky turquoise belt and peep-toe shooties (yes, that’s what they’re called!).

And, since JBieber’s fashion choices haven’t actually been shown yet, here he is in the aforementioned purple tux.

Elizabeth Taylor: Fashion Icon

By Silhouettes1 · April 13, 2011 · 0 Comments ·

Elizabeth Taylor was many things: a fantastic actress, a loving friend to everyone around her and a passionate activist against AIDS. But she was also a major fashion icon for much of her career.

To honor her recent passing, I want share some of the memorable looks that she became known for over the years.

Here she is an elegant wedding gown in 1950, at her first wedding.

Her “Cleopatra” look became an iconic 1960s image.

In the past few years, the slip has seen a bit of a resurgence in the fashion world, usually because young women are wearing them as dresses or over jeans. Elizabeth Taylor is one of the most famous “slip wearers” of the 1950s, as seen in Cat on a Hot Tin Roof.

In her later years, Elizabeth Taylor leaned more toward big hair and big prints. But the early years of her career were influential on an entire generation of women.

Body Beautiful

By Silhouettes1 · April 11, 2011 · 0 Comments ·

I have something to admit.

I am still very much a newcomer when it comes to the world of plus size fashion. Don’t get me wrong… I’ve been an avid wearer of plus-size fashion since I was 13-years-old, but I can’t really tell you the measurements of Tara Lynn or which shows Crystal Renn will be walking in at Fashion Week. Of course, these women are gorgeous, and I will never turn my head away from one of their stunning photographs. I just never took the time to do my homework.

<p style="text-align: center;">

Fluvia for Monif C

Fluvia for Monif C

It wasn’t until an influx of images of Brazillian-born plus size model Fluvia Lacerda on my tumblr dashboard that I suddenly entered the world of fandom. Fluvia is bursting with confidence and makes no apologies for her curves (A quality that I adore in any human being). Her powerful energy and overwhelming beauty fills the frame of every photograph she takes.

While traditionally, most plus size models are in the 10 -14 range, it is truly a breath of fresh air to see a swimsuit on a woman with curves a bit more like my own (or at least, a glammed out, fabulous, super fierce version of my curves)!

Fluvia photographed by Lucas Pictures

This is not to say that smaller and larger models aren’t a beautiful representation of the female body as well. It has taken me years to get to a point where I can not only appreciate the beauty of a traditional runway model, but I can begin to see my own beauty in them by valuing the way our arms are different, or the way my hips move compared to theirs. There is beauty in every woman, and in each one of our differences.

So, if we stick with this argument, then there is no such thing as any one type of beauty. If every type of body is beautiful, is it so much to ask that our bodies be represented by a wider variety of figures? I am hopeful for the day that I see a size 2 woman standing side by beautiful side with a size 24 woman in the pages of a magazine (without either one being the butt of some obnoxious joke).

Last week, I was scrolling through Plus Model Magazine, only to find out that Miss Lacerda would be featured in Brazilian Playboy. I was hit with an overwhelming sense of hope.  My optimism may be misplaced, but there is no denying that Mr. Hefner’s empire has had an enormous impact on global pop culture for the past 60 years. This is especially true when it comes to widespread ideas of beauty.

So what does it mean when Fluvia appears in such a mainstream publication? Are we beginning to see a new kind of beauty revolution? One where we can embrace the multiplicity of bodies and their beauty?

Or, do we even care what the readers of Playboy find beautiful?

I am truly curious to hear any thoughts you may have!



Amalia Nicholson is a plus-size blogger, fashion enthusiast and advocate of beauty at every size. She currently resides in Minneapolis, Minnesota where runs her personal style blog, Double Vision.

Spring Has Sprung!

By Silhouettes1 · April 4, 2011 · 0 Comments ·

Spring has nearly sprung! The snow is melting, everyone is shedding their dreary winter coats and I can almost smell the backyard barbeques. And as a great admirer of the spring cleaning tradition, I have begun a full-on attack of my wardrobe. Gone are the leggings with holes at the knees and the fuzzy purple sweater vest I bought as a joke has been tossed into the donation pile! It feels great! But before I go overboard, I have noticed that amidst the clothing carnage there are quite a few pieces, which, with a little rehabilitation could be perfectly on trend for this season.

As plus-size woman a lot of us have spent years building a closet filled with flattering, beautiful clothing. Because we don’t want our years of effort to go to waste just to follow trends, an attempt at revamping our neglected garments is especially important.

For example, an average t-shirt can be dazzled up with a bright statement piece, like this chunky stone necklace ($32). The bright turquoise color would pop beautifully against contrasting colors such as oranges, yellows or even pink!

Or perhaps you have a free-flowing tunic with a gorgeous print. Try belting it, and throwing on a blazer, to give your look more structure. I’m particularly fond of this linen boyfriend jacket in clay ($59). It can add a subtle and elegant pop of color to any outfit.

So before you trash anything in the spirit of spring, go ahead and try on some of those abandoned pieces in the back of your closet and see how you can spice it up a bit!

Do you have a favorite item of clothing that needs a little TLC? How do you plan to change things up for the new season?



Amalia Nicholson is a plus-size blogger, fashion enthusiast and advocate of beauty at every size. She currently resides in Minneapolis, Minnesota where runs her personal style blog, Double Vision.

Pretty Peasant

By Silhouettes1 · April 1, 2011 · 0 Comments ·

Now that warm spring weather is on its way, it’s time to resurrect the peasant style! This loose-fitting, fun and stylish look doesn’t work so well when you can’t be outside in the sunshine or need to wear a coat, but it’s great for spring and summer.

This peasant tunic is great to pair with jeans or leggings. It’s simple and comfortable while still being trendy, and comes in several feminine prints.

Another peasant tunic in a different style is this one. It has a self-tie belt to give it some shape, but looks equally great with jeans or leggings.

And if you really want to rock the peasant look, this plus size maxi dress is a good way to pull it off. Throw on some sandals and hip jewelry and you are ready to go. The pullover styling, loose sleeves and scoop neck make it extra comfortable.

Go get your peasant on!

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