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How To Wear: The Maxi Dress

By Sarah Conley · June 25, 2009 · 0 Comments ·

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I love a maxi-dress. I wore one to NYC and threw my jean jacket over it to make it more casual, but I also have a short sleeve open sweater to throw over for the evening chill. So easy.

posted by Diora

l love that green bead rings, I'd like to buy for myself

posted by GibsonGirlGiggled

I wold love to try the maxi dresses, especially with the summer turning out so warm in my neck o' the woods, but Silhouettes does not offer their maxi dresses in their extended sizes so I'm left to wistfully gaze at the fun and funky maxi dresses as well as those adorable handkerchief hemmed tops that were also not offered in extended sizes...

When I first found Silhouettes a decade ago or more, I fell in love with the fashion forward items that they offered in extended sizes and designs that were fantastic for work as well as after work pursuits. None of that stuff that looked like it was made for someone twice my age in materials that seemed fire retardant and incapable of breathing. They were very attractive outfits that made me feel beautiful.

Fast forward to now and the styles and designs that are offered in the extended sizes are becoming the staple items, the solid colors in plain styles to mix and match like the old days of polyester pantsuits with a skirt for an updated option. No vibrancy, no creativity, just the same old thing trotted out each season in a new hand full of hues.

Anything that is fashionable, feminine and firty stops at the 3X mark and goes no further.

It's too bad. I can think of at least two dozen items over the past year alone that I would have added to my wardrobe if only it was offered in extended sizing.

But, I suppose I may console myself with the cute shoes that Silhouettes is offering these days.

posted by Epicieddy

Ok, this is kind of weird but I just ran across this YouTube video: Tick Tock Kesha

It's a chick that calls herself Ke$ha (Yes that's Keisha with a dollar sign lol) But she's got this music video called Tic Toc and the lyrics are funny. It's kind of catchy believe it or not. At one point she says something like "I brush my teeth with a bottle of Jack…" obviously has a drinking problem. Either way watch it and let me know what you think of it. Like it or hate it?

…And is it weird that I got it stuck in my head? :-)

posted by queertzet

Great, I did not know about this topic up to now. Thanks!!

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