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Karl Lagerfeld and Dieting

By Silhouettes1 · April 19, 2011 · 0 Comments ·

Karl Lagerfeld is a genius. A certifiable, card carrying, fashion genius who has created stunning work for fashion labels such as Fendi, Chloé and most famously, Chanel. He has even become an instantly recognizable pop culture icon with his snowy white hair, dark sunglasses and love of leather.

I mean seriously, there’s even a Karl teddy bear!

But, back in 2001 our darling Karl looked a quite a bit different (90 lbs worth of different) and decided that in order to wear the designer clothes he desired he needed to shed the weight. And so, over the course of 13 months, and a steady (and rather questionable) diet of steamed vegetables and diet coke, Karl transformed into the man we see today.

Now, I am not much of a dieter, but I have a pretty good feeling that diet coke and vegetables does not a healthy meal make.  But hey, I’m not Karl or his doctor, so I don’t get to make any calls.

With his wildly successful transformation and very obvious love of diet coke, it came as no surprise when I read that Karl has collaborated with the folks at Coca-Cola and designed his very own bottles of the soft drink.

One common theme in every article and blog I read about this delicious collaboration (this blog entry being one of them, I suppose) is the mention of Karl’s dietary decisions 10 years ago. And with that realization came the same sickening feeling I get when I see any fad diet infomercial late at night.

My thoughts on dieting, as a plus size woman and a believer of beauty at every size, are ones that I try and keep to myself. The decision for a person to fundamentally change the way that they live and look is a very personal and private process and it doesn’t matter at all what anyone else thinks. I say if you want to diet, go for it! And if you don’t, keep doing what you’re doing!

But, I am also very aware that they key to a successful diet probably doesn’t lie in supplementing essential food groups for diet sodas. It worries me that, while perhaps unintentional, CocaCola is aligning itself even further with a diet that if done improperly could be quite dangerous. Of course, the idea of Diet Coke in general is mostly geared towards the weight conscious, but with Karl literally on the bottles I wonder if the idea of Diet Coke as food will actually become a trend.



Amalia Nicholson is a plus-size blogger, fashion enthusiast and advocate of beauty at every size. She currently resides in Minneapolis, Minnesota where runs her personal style blog, Double Vision.

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