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Posts for July 2009

Weekly Curvy Commentary 7/31

By Sarah Conley · July 31, 2009 · 0 Comments ·


Young Fat & Fabulous profiles Natalie, an artist and blogstress who is all about loving yourself.


Speaking of loving yourself, The Demoiselles brought in Jai from The Fat and Skinny to talk about tackling a negative body image.


Diary of a Mad Fashionista celebrates a plus size woman's approval to the The Supreme Court.


Manolo for the Big Girl goes on a leopard print spree, inspired by Dior & Queen Latifah.

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Ruby in Summer's Fabulous Fashion Finds

By Silhouettes1 · July 27, 2009 · 0 Comments ·
Photo Courtesy of http://www.mystyle.com

If you’re a reality TV fan like I am, then you know Ruby…

Ruby Gettinger, the redheaded beauty who stars in the reality series “Ruby” on the Style Network, is documenting her personal battle with size. Weighing approximately 700 pounds at her heaviest, Ruby is now fighting to get to a healthy weight where she can feel comfortable in her own body.

As every woman knows, feeling confident and beautiful begins on the inside, but a hot outfit always helps! I’d love to take Ruby shopping, get her out of the frumpy, solid cotton dresses and flip flops that she so often wears and have her experiment with some chic styles.

She would look stunning in some of the summer’s hottest looks, like a flirty floral print paired with sleek metallic T-strap sandals or a bright beaded tunic with a sleek, black pair of wide leg stretch twill pants. Oh, how I’d love to makeover Ruby’s closet!

Ruby has such fabulous fire engine red hair, stunning blue eyes and a bronzed glow that so many women spend hours on the becah trying to achieve, but her wardrobe doesn't reflect her stunning features or playful personality. Clothes don't make the woman, but they can have a major impact on how we feel about ourselves! I know when I get dolled up for a day at the office or a night out with the girls, I feel much more confidant in fun clothes that fit my size and my shape.

Ruby says her goal is to become healthy and not reach a particular weight. We think she looks fantastic and with a few of the season’s latest fashion finds, she would look and feel like the glamour girl she is!

Written by Jessica Bacharach, author of The Glamtastic

Weekly Curvy Commentary 7/24

By Silhouettes1 · July 24, 2009 · 0 Comments ·


Fat Chic investiages high fashion Fall styles that can easily be translated for the plus size consumer.


Fat Girls Like Nice Clothes Too is sad that Summer is nearly over, while most of us feel like it just got here.  Hitting the fast forward button, she's already planning her Fall must haves.


The Pretty Pair has refreshed their 6 year anniversary giveaways.  If you didn't win the first time around, try again!


Saks In The City sports an 80's inspired outfit that looks amazing on her curvy shape.  Outift inspiration!

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Fall 2009 Footwear Preview

By Sarah Conley · July 22, 2009 · 0 Comments ·

The arrival of next season's styles also means the arrival of every girl's favorite accessory - shoes! Whether they're suede boots or metallic flats, it's time to think about which styles you'll be sporting. Gunmetal grays are a hot trend for early fall. If you haven't started planning your wardrobe, we recommend considering the following styles:

Ghillie Pump - $49 Menswear is a huge trend this fall (as you might have noticed from our Fall Fashion Preview post). These spectator-styled open oxfords are the perfect marriage of masculine paired with feminine in an easily, wearable 2" heel.

Essential Skimmer - $29 Honestly, you can't go wrong with a classic flat in fashion colors. There's a reason it's named the "Essential" - it is an essential component to your wardrobe this fall. The only question is how many colors do you want?

Demi Wedge Pump - $59 A new twist on a fall classic, the Demi Wedge is styled in black, emerald and gray. Instantly update any outfit with these runway-inspired pumps.

Three Buckle Riding Boot -$149 Trend-right wide calf boots are tough to find, especially once fall arrives. Silhouettes carries styles in calf widths up to 17" and we suggest snagging your size before they're gone!

What styles will you be wearing?

Weekly Curvy Commentary 7/17

By Sarah Conley · July 17, 2009 · 0 Comments ·


Jennifer of The Demoiselles thinks she's having a fat day.  When you have these types of days, what do you do to combat the feeling?


Fat Chic has a happy announcement to share, including her perfect wedding dress.


Full On Style has found babydoll style dresses that don't make you look pregnant.


The Pretty Pear is celebrating a 6th birthday by giving away lots of gift cards.  Celebrate & enter!

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Fall 2009 Fashion Preview

By Sarah Conley · July 16, 2009 · 0 Comments ·

Though our thermostats may tell us otherwise, it's time to start shopping for fall. After paying close attention to the fall runways at New York Fashion Week, I've been looking forward to the luxurious fabrics, rich textures and saturated Autumnal hues all Summer. Silhouettes's pre-fall selections just went live, and I am already making my shopping list! Check out a few of the pieces I am excited to wear!

Melange Knit Dress - $69 If purple is your favorite color you're in luck this Fall, because the hue is back with a vengeance. Inverted pleats from an empire waist are also incredibly flattering.

Gillian Grey Soft Pleat Cardigan - $59 There are certain pieces that you fall in love with at first glance. For me, this gorgeous draped cardigan falls into that category. It's casual but has enough detail to make you feel effortlessly chic.

Swing Jacket - $74 Menswear detailing turns this ultra flattering jacket into a key piece for Fall. Plus the swing shape, bell sleeves and inverted pleats help streamline your silhouette.

Print Ponte Dress - $74 Although this dress is described as an "earth toned abstract print", every time I look at it, I see Monarch butterflies. Pulled together by the black cuffs and hem detail, set this dress free on a sunny Autumn day.

Beaded Shell - $44 Who says basics have to be boring? This beaded shell makes every day glamorous and it will transition beautifully into holiday!

What trends are on your Fall shopping list?

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How to Wear: Linen

By Sarah Conley · July 13, 2009 · 0 Comments ·

Linen can be a tricky fabric to wear, yet it remains a perennial and perfect choice for summer. Lightweight, linen should be worn loose (but not baggy) and preferably wrinkle-free. To keep linen from looking too casual, bring a little sparkle into your Summer wardrobe with these recommended pieces:

Crochet Bodice Blouse - $49 The feminine detailing of this top makes it versatile for day or night!

Gillian Grey Washed-Linen Wide Leg Pant - $44 Wide leg pants look amazing on those with fuller hips and these are cut so beautifully, no one will know they have a drawstring waist.

The Gladiator Sandal - $34 These aren't any ordinary gladiator - the simplicity of this sandal makes them wearable for seasons to come, yet luxe enough for a night out.

Fold-Over Beaded Clutch - $39 This clutch's subtle sheen immediately dresses up any outfit.

Floral Chain Necklace - $34 The length of this necklace makes it incredibly versatile, while the subtle silver and gold plays off the natural softness of the linen.

What is your favorite way to wear linen?

Weekly Curvy Commentary 7/10

By Sarah Conley · July 10, 2009 · 0 Comments ·


The Curvy Fashionista introduces us to a new outerwear designer.


Beauty Plus Powers asks an important question:  Is it possible to marry a dress?


Curvy Lifestyles finds the best outfit for apple shapes.


Kate Harding's Shapely Prose discovers hidden plus sizes on Etsy.

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Help Silhouettes Select Our Fall Cover!

By Sarah Conley · July 9, 2009 · 0 Comments ·

We're having a tough time deciding between our favorite trends for the cover of the latest Silhouettes catalog and since this is a democracy we'd love your help!

Which cover choice below is your personal favorite? Vote for your pick in the poll and if we've left out a Fall trend that you'd like to see on the cover, tell us in the comments below!

A: B:

C: D:

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Do "Unhealthy" People Deserve To Be Fashionable?

By Sarah Conley · July 6, 2009 · 0 Comments ·

Last week, a post on the shrinking plus size marketplace, Where Have All The Plus Size Clothes Gone?, brought out strong feelings from many sides. An anonymous commenter left a passionate and thorough comment, with the main focus centered around the health issues associated with being plus-sized.  While it is true that many who wear a size 12+ are unhealthy due to poor eating habits or lack of exercise, there are also those who are healthy, active and happy despite their size.  I am one such woman.

I've always been larger than my peers in most ways.  In 4th grade, I was 5'8".  By 7th gade, I was 6'0" and wearing a size 9/10.  I was so thin I was teased for having "chicken legs" yet I felt giant.  Presently I am 6'2", a size 26 and wear a size 12 shoe - my point is, I have always been on the plus size side and even if I made every possible attempt to be "thin", I would still wear plus size clothing.  I could be unhappy with my size and disappointed that I allowed myself to eat ice cream last night but that is not my personality.  I celebrate the fact that I am a confident, beautiful woman and make no apologies for my size.  If I am not happy with myself, how can I expect anyone else to be?

Jon Robinson created an entire approach dedicated to health and self-acceptance called Health At Every Size.  There are three core components of Health At Every Size:  self acceptance, physical activity, and normalized eating. Health professionals who believe in Health At Every Size have come together to form the Association For Size Diversity and Health. At the ASDAH website, you can locate a professional who can guide you to better health while being supportive of your journey.

From Robin Baskin, Vice President of E-Commerce for Hanover Direct - Silhouettes:

"Unfortunately our culture enables some unhealthy patterns.  Routine consumption of fast food, meal portions that are too large, and lifestyles that are too sedentary. But regardless of this state of reality, taking ownership of one's health is without a doubt the responsibility of the individual, not a corporation.   That being said, it’s important to consider the well-being of someone beyond their outward appearance.  There are women who are very thin but are actually unhealthy, and others that are curvy and bigger boned but very healthy.  Those larger women still want and need to look good. And it has to start somewhere.  In my opinion, if a woman chooses to improve her overall fitness, feeling confident is where her journey of self-improvement begins.  When a woman sees her reflection in the mirror as she's about to start her day, if she's happy with how she looks, how her clothes fit her and make her feel,  it will hopefully encourage her to make healthier choices and keep the positive momentum going until she reaches her personal goal. Whatever that goal is."

Lets face the facts: everyone has something they want to change about their body. I have known size 0's who thought they were just as large as a size 26 and others who continuously pursue plastic surgery as a quick fix for what they're really unhappy with. Instead of being so concerned with what size we are or how we're not like someone else, make it a point today to tell someone how beautiful they are.

We are constantly evolving, facing new challenges and having to remind ourselves how fantastic we are.  Take a lesson from Rachel Phipps, a teenager dedicated to making women feel better about themselves by founding Who Wants To Be A Size Zero Anyway.  Check out her video "Socks & The City" below - you'll be glad you did.


Socks & The City from Battlefronters on Vimeo.

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