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Posts for October 18th 2010

Shoe Mania

By Silhouettes1 · October 18, 2010 · 0 Comments ·

I’ve seen some crazy shoes out there lately – the kind that you can barely stand in, let alone walk in. But people will wear very interesting things in order to be trendy, no doubt. High heels, crazy platforms—whatever it takes to be cool.

For some of us, though, crazy trendy shoes may look cool—but we only want to look at them on other people. We don’t actually want to wear them ourselves as we go about our daily lives.

I found some compromise shoes—the kind that look trendy without making you feel as though you’re about to fall over. I found a few good looking pairs that can add some style to your fall wardrobe without causing sprained ankles.

These Spectator shoes are stunning suede with vintage details that make them unique and eye-catching, too. You can wear them like you would wear ankle boots or other “low” shoes.

And these Victorian lace-up pumps, also in suede, have fun ribbon ties and are super-chic. Wear them the same way you would wear traditional pumps.

Another old-fashioned (but trendy) look are these button-detail booties. Wear them like you would any other pair of ankle boots for some fun flair.

See more fall shoes here.

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