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Posts for December 2010

Cute Boots

By Silhouettes1 · December 31, 2010 · 0 Comments ·

I feel like I’m writing about boots ALL THE TIME. But I can’t help it, because there are just so many cute ones available right now. Boots and sweaters, I can’t get enough!

Check these out! My feet feel warm just looking at them. They have a built in sweater your feet and calves. And the fun decorative buckle is another great touch.

And then there are these lace-up boots, which combine the old-fashioned lace-up look (very chic) with a modern tall boot. Yum.

Last but not least, these gathered ankle boots with the lace-up back detail will have everyone looking in admiration at your feet. Once again, modern meets old-fashioned trend in a great way.

What are your favorite types of boots?


What are you doing New Year’s Eve?

By Silhouettes1 · December 29, 2010 · 0 Comments ·

Do you have a New Year’s party to attend? And the bigger question: do you have something to wear?

New Year’s Eve is a fun time to get glitzy and let your hair down. Something like this Sparkle top is a great idea—lots of colors, pair with black pants and you’re ready to go.

Another idea is something like this deep-v tunic, which you can accessorize with a fabulous necklace and pair with stand-out shoes, like these leopard print heels.

And this abstract print red and black tunic would be another great option, since it has the sparkling embellishments around the neckline to add that extra touch of pizzazz. Some black boots and a fun bag and you’re on your way!


Leggings and … ?

By Silhouettes1 · December 27, 2010 · 0 Comments ·

I recently saw a question on another website asking about the best shoes to wear with skinny jeans or leggings—if you’re not wearing boots. The asker got a number of responses and the women all agreed that flats, especially of the ballet variety, are the best choice, with other flat shoes like flip-flops coming in second.

So, if you don’t like boots or just want to switch things up when you wear a tunic-legging combo, check out these flat shoe options:

Suede ballet flats with a quilted top are soft and comfortable. Plus they come in a ton of colors, so you can get a couple of pairs if you need to match several outfits.

These essential skimmers are another good flat option, and you can pretty much wear these shoes with anything. Lots of neutral colors or a shiny patent leather!

And if you’re lucky enough to be in a warm place where you still break out the leggings or jeans, these cute ruffled sandals would also work really well.

Just because everyone else pairs boots and leggings doesn’t mean that you have to. Try mixing it up and see what combos work for you.

Casual Fridays (and other days, too)

By Silhouettes1 · December 24, 2010 · 0 Comments ·

‘Tis the season for sitting around in front of the fire in warm, cozy, relaxing clothes. (Maybe sipping on some eggnog or hot chocolate, too). If you’re tired of all the holiday bustle, try slipping on something comfortable and give yourself a few days off.

To get yourself prepared to do nothing, here are a few great pieces you can wear around the house all winter long.

Simply Me Oversized sweatshirt: Very comfortable, relaxed, and warm sweatshirt that’s smooth on the outside and soft knit inside. Great with jeans or leggings, perfect for R&R.

Embroidered hoodie: This plus-size hoodie will keep you both warm and comfortable—not to mention stylish! The feminine embroidery and ruching add a nice touch to an otherwise plain piece of clothing. Soft cotton and easily washable.

Kimono Sweater: A long, loose-fitting sweater that’s great for your days at home (although you could wear it to work). Three-quarter sleeves and a keyhole neckline give it a great style, plus the bold vertical stripes are fun—and slimming, too. Wear it over jeans or leggings…and enjoy being comfortable!

Post-Holiday Splurge

By Silhouettes1 · December 22, 2010 · 0 Comments ·

If you got (or are getting) cash as a holiday gift and are looking to buy yourself something nice, I have suggestions! I have been hunting up fun and useful things for myself and others, so here are some good things I’ve discovered:

Seamless boy shorts: Awesome plus size boy shorts that are seamless, which means they’re perfect for those fabrics that would normally show off your panty lines. Plus they offer a little bit of support and control, so if you ate a little more than you planned this Christmas, no worries!


Seamless sports bra: Now that we’re heading into the new year, most people have exercise on their minds. This sports bra offers super support, while wicking away moisture and making your workout more comfortable.

Circle Scarf-Print dress: I love this a-line plus size dress, both the style and the fun geometric print. It’s great for every season—wear with sandals in the summer and pair with tights and tall boots in winter!

Now that you’ve spent time shopping for everyone else, go buy something for yourself!

Last-Minute Holiday Gifts

By Silhouettes1 · December 20, 2010 · 0 Comments ·

So you know that Christmas is this week, but if you’ve forgotten to do some shopping, now is the time to hop online and make some quick purchases…or think about the upcoming year and who you need to buy gifts for in January or February.

Jersey Sleep Tee: this cozy warm sleep shirt is a great idea for winter months, and great for wearing downstairs Christmas morning. Lots of prints to choose from!

Messenger Bag: a casual, trendy bag that works for everything! Neutral colors and zipper pockets make this bag a good choice for anyone on your list.

Jet earrings: these long elegant earrings can be worn to formal or everyday occasions depending on what you pair them with. Victorian-inspired, with a smooth style, these would make a great stocking stuffer!

Necklace and earring set: Another great stocking stuffer! This pretty gold set has some intricate details that make it stand out.

Those are just a few of the gift options that exist—with a few clicks you can have them arriving at your doorstep (or send them directly to your loved ones).

Merry Christmas!

Nifty necklaces

By Silhouettes1 · December 17, 2010 · 0 Comments ·

There is nothing like the perfect necklace to really pull an outfit together. Unlike bracelets or earrings, which can get lost under sleeves or blend in with long hair, necklaces are right out there for everyone to see. And a great necklace can be a conversation starter or an elegant finishing touch.

Pendants: pendants are just a simple single piece hanging from a thin chain. These work with every kind of outfit (except turtlenecks, where they will get caught). You can wear something like a small diamond pendant for simple elegance or a bigger bold pendant to make a statement.

Beaded necklaces: With so many kinds of beads, it’s fun to find necklaces that mix it up, like this green jade necklace or this dramatic onyx set. Beaded necklaces can be worn with almost anything, although, if they have a round shape, they tend to work better with high necklines or scoops.

And don’t forget all the other fun ways you can wear necklaces, from dramatic to classic simplicity. See more necklaces here.

Earring extravaganza

By Silhouettes1 · December 15, 2010 · 0 Comments ·

Earrings are another super fun way to work jewelry into your wardrobe—if your ears are pierced. While there are clip-on options, they are slim compared to the huge variety of pierced earrings out there.

Studs: these are the basic earrings that you get when you get your ears pierced for the first time, but really any earring that doesn’t dangle could be considered a stud earring. Studs are stylish and awesome for every day wear—something like these are classic. To spice things up, choose fancy studs like this sapphire and gold pair.

Hoops:  Hoops come in every size from small to gigantic! It’s best to stick with small to medium hoops for everyday wear or professional work attire, but you can kick it up for a night on the town with some giant hoops like these.

And of course, there are lots of fun options that don’t really fit into any clear category. See more earring ideas here.

Bracelet bonanza

By Silhouettes1 · December 13, 2010 · 0 Comments ·

One great thing about the holidays is the party aspect, because it means dressing up and choosing fun accessories and jewelry to go with your outfits. But you can really wear jewelry anytime, if you know the basics. First up, bracelets! These can be kind of a neglected part of your jewelry wardrobe, but they are really fun, too.

The cuff: this thick bracelet works best with ¾ length sleeves (or shorter), otherwise it will get covered up. Cuffs don’t go all the way around your wrist, they just “cuff” it. And one cuff is all you need! There are casual cuffs and fancier cuffs. This leather and turquoise cuff would work well with jeans and a t-shirt or any casual look, while this cuff is nice for casual, but it also works well with fancier attire.

The bangle: bangles come in all kinds of sizes, from very narrow to thick. Bangle refers more to the style, which is a looser-fitting, solid bracelet that dangles from your wrist. Bangles work with every outfit. Thin bangles are best worn in groups, while thick bangles should be worn on their own.

The tennis bracelet: tennis bracelets are jointed, flexible, and thin bracelets, usually made of jewels (most famously, diamonds). Tennis bracelets can be worn with any length sleeves and any outfit—even while playing tennis!

And of course there are tons of other kinds of bracelet options. Check them out here.

Dressing Up

By Silhouettes1 · December 10, 2010 · 0 Comments ·

So, now that you have your tall boots, how about finding a way to wear them? While sweater dresses and leggings can be fun, they aren’t always appropriate—plus of course you want to vary your look!

But, luckily for you (and me), you can pair your tall boots with dresses. They look good with long dresses especially.

This pintucked dress (which comes in a variety of prints and solid colors) is a great example of a dress to wear with tall boots. The pintucks give it a unique and pretty style, and the length is comfortable for winter, especially with tights underneath.

Another plus size dress is this one, made of comfortable, soft French terry. Pair this with tall boots in a fun color! (Black works, too.)

And finally, this button-front embroidered dress is so pretty and so perfect with a pair of tall black boots. An outfit like this is a great option for holiday church going or other formal events.

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