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Posts for July 30th 2010

Seersucker Style

By Silhouettes1 · July 30, 2010 · 0 Comments ·

The word “seersucker” makes me think of old southern men in seersucker suits drinking mint juleps on their porches. I think because that’s the way it’s used in books I’ve read. But there’s a reason why people in the south wore seersucker—it’s the perfect warm weather fabric!

Seersucker is very light and made of woven cotton.  According to Wikipedia, “Seersucker is woven in such a way that some threads bunch together, giving the fabric a wrinkled appearance in places. This feature causes the fabric to be mostly held away from the skin when worn, facilitating heat dissipation and air circulation. It also means that pressing is not necessary.” (No ironing? Awesome!)

So there are plenty of seersucker options that aren’t suits!

Like this plus-size jacket. It’s the perfect warm weather jacket…if that’s not an oxymoron. Seriously, you can wear this thing on all but the hottest of days.

Next up, the pants. They do coordinate with the jacket, but you can wear them separately with a white tee or tank and still stay cool. Lightweight and very comfortable.

And if it’s still too hot for pants, the seersucker capris do the same job but give your legs some more breathing room.  Throw on a flowing white top and you are ready for the hottest summer weather.

We’ve Got You Covered

By Silhouettes1 · July 30, 2010 · 0 Comments ·

Not too long ago I wrote about some bathing suits. But what about cover-ups? You’ve got to have some fun options for when it starts to get chilly down at the water, or when you’re walking from shore to beach house and feel the need for some extra coverage.

For basic coverage, I’m a fan of the plus-size hooded cover-up. There are three different colors to choose from, and it has a nice swing. I like the three-quarter length sleeves, too.

Another option, if you want something longer, is this really striking printed cover-up. The empire seam makes it very flattering, and the length makes it seem more like a fun, casual beach dress than just a cover-up. If you’re not a big swimmer and don’t spend a lot of time in just your bathing suit, this is a really good option for those days on the sand.

And finally, the tropical print plus size cover-up. This is one of my favorites, because I love the print and the color options. Plus, with the sleeves, collar, and button up front closure, it’s kind of like wearing an oversize men’s shirt as your cover-up, and I’m a big fan of that style! (Of course the printed pattern makes it much more interesting than a plain men’s button-up.)

Anyway, if you’re ready for some beach fun but haven’t picked out your cover-up yet, check these out and find the best option for you.

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