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Posts for August 3rd 2010

Keepin’ it Casual (Part 1)

By Silhouettes1 · August 3, 2010 · 0 Comments ·

A friend of mine just got a new job, and the dress code is “business casual” (or as we love to call it “biz cas”). But what exactly does that mean? I mean, she’s out looking for clothes: what does she buy?

I did some investigating and then emailed her some ideas for business casual clothes she could use for work—she’s a plus size girl, too, so it wasn’t hard—I knew exactly where to look.

One rule for business casual clothing (for women) is skirts of a reasonable length. (In other words, no minis.) Save your mini skirts for nights out on the town! So for my friend, I suggested this plus-size floral skirt and this contrast ruffle skirt. Both are long enough to be business casual, and fun and pretty at the same time.

Pants are also acceptable business casual clothing, as long as they aren’t jeans. Silhouettes.com has tons of plus size pants appropriate for business casual office wear. Some good choices are the mélange drawstring pants or either of the Gillian Grey drawstring pants.

As for shirts, well, stay away from t-shirts (plain is okay), tank tops, and anything that bares your midriff. But you still have tons of choices! (And I’ll address those options in my next post. Stay tuned!)

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