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Posts for September 29th 2010

Booted Out

By Silhouettes1 · September 29, 2010 · 0 Comments ·

Boots! Long boots, short boots, medium height boots. How do you decide which to wear with what? Can you pair short boots with skirts? Or tall boots with jeans? How do you know what looks good?

Here are some hints:

Ankle boots are fun, but they’re one of the biggest boot challenges. Pairing them with the wrong thing can make you look shorter and wider. Cropped leggings, capris or short jeans are NOT a good choice. But ankle boots work with long leggings or tights and pretty much every kind of pants and shorter skirts. Ankle boots with longer skirts or very full skirts are not a good look.

With other kinds of boots, you have a bit more flexibility. Tall boots like these work especially well paired with a short skirt and tights. If the boots fit tightly against your calves, you can put them on under jeans, and if you wear skinny jeans (which I don’t recommend, but whatever) you can pull boots on over them.

You can also pair tall boots with dresses (not poofy dresses or formal dresses, but standard wrap or empire-waist dresses) and skirts. Many women forget that wearing boots with dresses or skirts is actually an option.

Find a great selection of boots here.

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