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Posts for January 21st 2011

New Year Workout Gear

By Silhouettes1 · January 21, 2011 · 0 Comments ·

Now that the new year has come and gone, the gyms are packed with people who have resolved to get healthy in 2011. I don’t have a specific resolution, but I do want to keep up my gym routine, and I find myself more excited about going to the gym when I have new clothes. It’s a little confidence boost!

These yoga pants are the kind of thing I love to wear to the gym. Incredibly comfortable, not too baggy, great for the treadmill or a yoga class. And not bad for lounging around the house, either!

This knit cami is another great piece for the gym or to wear while chilling at home on the weekend.

If you need some motivation, getting a few new pieces of clothing to wear to the gym might be just the ticket! (It is for me, anyway.)

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