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Posts for March 2011

Red Carpet Style Watch: Independent Spirit Awards

By Silhouettes1 · March 28, 2011 · 0 Comments ·

With all the Oscar drama done for another year, I wondered what award shows I’d actually missed seeing—and of course, what people wore on the red carpet at those ceremonies.

The Independent Spirit Awards celebrates indie films and filmmakers and took place before the Oscars, back in February. Let’s talk about some of the looks that showed up there!

I’m always talking about the versatility of maxi dresses for beach wear or a night out. Anne Heche pulled it off, wearing this Dolce & Gabbana floral print on the red carpet.

The independent spirit awards are a little less formal than the big night at the Oscars, but Nicole Kidman still looked amazing in this sleek and lacy red dress.

Beau Garrett tried a different kind of look with a skirt-tank combo in gold and blue. I’m not a fan of this, mostly because I hate the crazy ruffles on the skirt and the blue-gold combo doesn’t really do it for me either. Also the skirt is too high-waisted and the whole thing makes her torso seem entirely too short. But I admire her plan to wear something unique!

Short sleeves for spring

By Silhouettes1 · March 25, 2011 · 0 Comments ·

Today was 65 degrees here and I went without a coat for most of the day. It was amazing! And I realized that I could be wearing short sleeves more often if I had more options. I buy a lot of plain t-shirts in different colors, but today’s trends lean more toward cool embellishments and other fun flair.

One way to add some flair to a t-shirt is like this, with a beaded neckline. The beads add a cool look to a simple gray or white tee.

Another option is rosettes, like on this v-neck. Or choose the version with the abstract painted figure to add some pop.

What kind of embellishments do you like to see on your t-shirts?

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Red Carpet Style Watch: Jennifer Lawrence

By Silhouettes1 · March 23, 2011 · 0 Comments ·

You may not have heard of Jennifer Lawrence, but she’s an up-and-coming young actress who just landed a major role in the movie version of the popular Hunger Games book series. She also starred in the Oscar-nominated movie Winter’s Bone. She’s only 20 years old, so it’s fun to see her fashion choices and watch her style emerge.

Here’s she is at the AFI awards in a white sheath dress with some aqua design for added flair. I love the way the design of this dress draws the eye downward, which means looking taller and slimmer.

She wore this black dress at the Golden Globes. The lace and ruffles don’t do much for me—it seems tacky and an overall mess.

But she redeemed herself at the Academy Awards in this beautiful and simple red dress by Calvin Klein.

Surplice surplus

By Silhouettes1 · March 21, 2011 · 0 Comments ·

I keep reading the word “surplice,” but when I looked it up in the dictionary, all I found was the definition that describes a priest’s garment. Fortunately the internet came through, and I found this description here.

“In fashion, a surplice is a diagonally crossed neckline and/or bodice. It is also thought of as a ‘faux wrap’ style and creates a deep v-shaped neckline. The surplice is a fashionable and very feminine look used for women's clothing, yet, ironically, it was inspired by garments worn by men.”

So there’s your fashion education for the week! But what does surplice look like?

Here’s an example of a surplice design in a tunic top. Notice the flattering design of the neckline and bodice.

Surplice dresses are also lovely, and the faux wrap is a great look on almost any figure. This pretty print with the ruched bodice goes anywhere.

And surplice bathing suits are classic and slimming, too.

Now that you know what surplice is, you can find ways to incorporate it into your wardrobe for a great new look!

Star Style Watch: Sandra Bullock

By Silhouettes1 · March 18, 2011 · 0 Comments ·

Sandra Bullock is one of America’s most loved movie stars, so even if she dressed in crazy rags most of the time, I think people would still appreciate her winning personality and good attitude. But of course she manages to look great on the red carpet by making good fashion choices.

One unusual choice that’s not too hard to pull off in real life is the multiple necklace look. It’s simple: just grab a variety of necklaces and wear them all at once. Here’s how Sandra wore this look:

Here she is the night she won the SAG award for The Blind Side in 2010. This dress, a long column, makes her look especially tall--one example of how fashion choices can help elongate your body.

And here’s the 2010 Golden Globes. You can see how much difference the dress makes in this photo. I love the color and style of this dress, too, but it’s a dramatic change from the SAG awards.

Slip-On Comfort

By Silhouettes1 · March 16, 2011 · 0 Comments ·

I love when I can just slip my feet in a pair of shoes and run out the door in the morning. Unfortunately in the cooler weather, it’s not as easy as just grabbing a pair of sandals. But there are stylish slip on shoes that work for all kinds of weather.

These fun moc croc patent leather shoes go with skirts, jeans, trousers, or whatever. The shiny patent leather, in combo with the croc pattern, is eye-catching. And they’re great for when you don’t want to wear a heel.

A pair of leather moccasins are a wardrobe staple, and these buttery-leather shoes in a variety of colors give you comfortable, stylish choices every day. You can wear these with just about anything, but they work especially well with work pants or jeans.

Jazz up your work wardrobe with a slip-on that has a bit of a flair. A buckle-trimmed slip-on like this is a good example. These would look fantastic with a pencil skirt or other shorter skirt and tights.

See more slip-ons here.

Best swimsuits for your best body

By Silhouettes1 · March 15, 2011 · 0 Comments ·

Pattern, style and color can make a difference when choosing plus size swimwear, depending on your body type.

1. If you are heavier on the bottom and want to minimize your hips and conceal your thighs:

  • Choose swim dresses or swim skirts
  • Use dark colors for bottoms
  • Look for extra support (such as a full coverage brief)


Some examples of plus size bathing suits that could work for your body type:

2. If you have a large chest and/or are heavier on top, you’ll need a suit to support your bust and elongate your torso, so:

  • Buy V-neck lines, which draw the eye in a longer line
  • Surplice is great option to elongate the torso
  • Look for a built-in bra


3. If most of your weight is carried around your waist or tummy, look for suits that slim and shape the waist or with tummy control. Some ideas:

  • An overall pattern always distracts attention from the waist
  • Surplice is great way to slim down overall


A few plus size bathing suits for your body type:

Star Style Watch: Amy Adams

By Silhouettes1 · March 11, 2011 · 0 Comments ·

Amy Adams is a Hollywood movie star who’s been in everything from indie films (Junebug) to Disney princess movies (Enchanted). She likes mixing it up on the red carpet (and out on the town), but usually picks classic—and classy—dresses that look great with her red hair and fair skin.

At the Golden Globes a few months ago, she took advantage of the one-shoulder craze to wear this awesome teal gown with scalloped accents. I don’t know if I love the left-hip ruffles, but the rest of it is style-perfect.

Here she is at an awards show in 2009:

I love this dress, too, although if you don’t ever like ruffles, the front isn’t going to do much for you. Still, the color is stunning (I’m a sucker for purple) and she looks great in it.

And finally, this year’s Academy Awards. Her blue dress was absolutely classic and, as Slate magazine put it, very reminiscent of old-time Hollywood star Lauren Bacall.

Check out the jewelry she’s wearing too—it sparkles nearly as much as her dress and adds a fun green addition Oh, yeah, and it was $1.35 MILLION WORTH of bling!

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Wedged In

By Silhouettes1 · March 9, 2011 · 0 Comments ·

OMG wedges. I love them. I love that they are heels without being spiky and extra hard to walk in. I love that they are actually a little bit comfortable. And I love the way they look, too.

Basically wedges are just named after their heels—a wedge instead of a pump or a platform or a stiletto. The shoes themselves can vary, of course, but they always have that wedge heel.

The twisty fun and pearlized leather look of this pair of wedges makes them appropriate for most occasions (sometimes wedges work best with casual looks).This pair would work even with a formal dress, though.

For a casual spring-summer beach look, add some shell-trimmed wedges to your closet. You could wear these with jeans or shorts or a skirt or even a bathing suit and cover-up.

And for something in-between, these wedges would look awesome with a maxi dress or a casual short dress for a fun night out.

Time for Linen

By Silhouettes1 · March 7, 2011 · 0 Comments ·

Since spring is on its way, it’s time again to think about linen. This lightweight cotton fabric is great for warmer weather, loose-fitting clothes, and can be layered over other pieces really easily (which is good for spring days with varying temperatures).

A short-sleeved linen shirt like this one works well on its own, but you can also layer it over a tank top or cami and mix and match colors to contrast with each other.

When you wear a long-sleeved shirt, pair it with a vest like in the photo, roll the sleeves for a casual look, or wear it over any tighter-fitting shirt for an extra layer.

And these lightweight linen pants are perfect for when it’s not quite warm enough for shorts or a shorter skirt. If you tend to be heavier in the hips and thighs, the wide legs on these pants are flattering and slimming, too.

So when you’re thinking about clothes for spring, don’t forget a few pieces of classic linen!

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