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Posts for July 22nd 2011

Summer Shape

By Silhouettes1 · July 22, 2011 · 0 Comments ·

Sometimes I wonder how so many of us make it through the day while living under all of the weight we carry. But don't worry, I'm not talking about actual physical lbs. I'm talking about the overwhelming pressure to hide, reshape, smooth and contort our bodies into a slightly more aesthetically pleasing shape. We're so terrified of our own jiggling bodies that we will do anything to hide them.

We've all been there. Standing in the lingerie department, trying to understand how the supposed 2xl full-body shaper that looks like it could fit around one leg is supposed to go over our ENTIRE body. From there you begin to question simple tasks such as eating, sitting and even going to the restroom (if by some miracle of physics I get that thing on, I'm not gonna want to take it off). And once you do get this bad boy on, you notice new bumps and features that could use a little shaping action of their own. By the end of your shopping day, you're covered head to toe in spandex and hoping that your big night out is liquid free and standing room only.

Constantly hearing that horizontal stripes or bright colors will make you look fat can really do a number on your willingness to try anything new at all. I don't know about you, but, nothing is going to actually hide my tummy or fool people into thinking that I don't have super meaty thighs. My belly moves when I walk, my arms jiggle when I dance, and I can't expect that wearing all black will somehow magically disguise these facts.

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Now, I don't want you to think that I am anti-shaper or smart style decisions that emphasize your best features. I have my personal safety blankets (shapers included!) that allow me to feel even the slightest bit more confident in the outfits I wear. But now that the summer has finally geared up and wearing my favorite layers upon layers is no longer an option, I have to start to reevaluate how to be confident in my summer skin. When everything makes you sweaty, you're probably not reaching for the spandex in the back of your underwear drawer.

I am still trying to figure out how to wear shorts without tights underneath. And tank tops? WITHOUT a sweater? That's going to take me ages. But I want to try. And really, what matters most is that we're all outside enjoying the sunshine and our loved ones. So I encourage you to take some chances this summer. Try pairing your favorite skirt with a new top that you're a bit nervous about. Go to the department store and get some perfume samples that make you feel extra sexy. A new shade of lipstick looks great with a pair of nerve wracking shorts.


Amalia Nicholson is a plus-size blogger, fashion enthusiast and advocate of beauty at every size. She currently resides in Minneapolis, Minnesota where runs her personal style blog, Double Vision.

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