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Posts for August 22nd 2011

Red Carpet Style Watch: The Help

By Silhouettes1 · August 22, 2011 · 0 Comments ·

Summer blockbuster premieres are usually a fun way to check out fashion, just because they get so much attention. But another movie, not a superhero film or an action movie, is getting a lot of buzz right now: The Help.

Based on a very popular book of the same name, this movie tells the story of African-American women (one played by Viola Davis) working as maids in pre-Civil Rights era Mississippi, and a white woman (Emma Stone) who collects their stories. The movie premiered recently in L.A.

Emma Stone (far left), chose a Chanel dress to wear on the red carpet. I’m not a fan—it looks like a t-shirt and skirt combo from back in the day. And while I recognize the problems that a baby bump brings to choosing a dress, Bryce Dallas Howard (second from left) looks like she just stepped out of Little House on the Prairie.

Much better are the choices by Viola Davis, in a stunning red gown, and Jessica Chastain, in purple. These flattering, stylish choices make both women look fantastic. (And bonus! Style guru Nate Berkus (far right) was an executive producer.)

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