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Making Resort Wear Our Own

By Silhouettes1 · July 15, 2011 · 0 Comments ·

It's a fashion tradition for our favorite designers to create a more casual, relaxed collection inbetween their big fall and summer shows, geared toward the lucky men and women in the world who are planning to take gorgeous tropical vacations during the dull winter months. While I don't know about you all, the closest I'll be to a warm trip this winter is when I sit in front of a heater drinking a piña colada. It's okay though. Vacation or not, we can all take some style cues from some of the best of the new Resort 2012 collections! And the best part is, we don't have to wait for the winter.

Drench Yourself in Monochrome. Chloé's breezy, effortless ballerina style has been ruling my runway heart for a few seasons now. But this newest collections use of single color outfits makes me wonder if I could pull off the same statement! There is something so bold and daring about wearing a single color head to toe, while the mixing of textures still allows for depth in the look. Try it with any color you want!

POPS of Neon! Diane Von Furstenburg plays with extreme accents of the flourescent variety, while maintaining a relaxed silhouette. It's fun, fresh and maintains quite sophisticated. You can try this look in a number of ways, be it with a scarf, headband or a shoe. Lately, I've been rocking hot hot pink nail polish, which adds a nice surprise to my rather neutral looks.

Seeing Red. Red is one of those colors that everyone owns, but I feel like it can be daunting to wear in a new, statement making sort of way. I'm crazy about the Rebecca Minkoff shorts, and think a bright pant in any color is something we should all try more often! Sonia Rykiel gives us another take on red, and shows just how lovely a couple of stripes can be!

Sheer Madness! A recurring trend in the past few seasons has been SHEER ANYTHING! Givenchy and Stella McCartney give us another take on it, and I am absolutely in love. It's obviously not very practical, and I wouldn't suggest wearing a sheer skirt to the office, but one thing I think that could be taken away from looks like this is how many textures are being layered together. Do you have a top in your closet that's maybe a bit too transparent for your every day style? Layer it between a contrasting tank top and a cute jacket! Play around with making transparency work for you.

With all of these shows, and any other fashion event, it's important to stay true to yourself while still having fun. Inspiration comes from everywhere, so always keep your eyes open! Now go on over to the Silhouettes shop and get creative!

Celebrity Fashion Flops

By Silhouettes1 · June 24, 2011 · 0 Comments ·

Let’s take a moment to look at the overall ugliness of some celebrity fashion choices. While I love seeing a classic or beautiful or modern look on the red carpet, sometimes it’s just fun to see something that flopped royally.

Here’s Chloe Sevigny in an oversized caftan-type gown that completely disguises all her curves and hangs on her like a blanket. On top of that, it’s pretty much see-through. So completely unsexy in so many ways.

Also, I have no idea what is going on with Charlotte Gainsbourg (left) in this picture. While that may be a baby bump, pairing it with some kind of romper dress (one of the most unflattering articles of clothing around) just makes it look like a disfiguring tumor.

And here’s Freida Pinto in what appears to be a metallic lamé robot dress. Her legs look great, but there is nothing else flattering about this.

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FYI: Fabric & Fashion

By Silhouettes1 · June 22, 2011 · 0 Comments ·

Do you know what your clothes are made of? I don’t, not usually. Sometimes I check the tags or whatever, and I can recognize things like linen or spandex…but normally? I just assume everything’s a cotton-poly-rayon blend.

But there is value in learning exactly what fabrics feel like or look like, especially if you are buying things online. When the description says the fabric is “georgette”, do you know what that is? It’s some pretty valuable info!

And while you can see pictures of cut and shape and all that, do you know what terms like “duster” or “natural waist” refer to? Also valuable when you’re trying to find clothes online. If you know what the words in the description mean, you’re much more likely to have success in ordering.

There’s a handy glossary of all kinds of terms here. You should check it out, especially if you’ve ever wondered what “poplin” is or if you need a refresher on something like “voile.” I learned a ton just skimming through it!

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Curvy Commentary 1/15

By Sarah Conley · January 15, 2010 · 0 Comments ·



Pocket Rocket takes a closer look at the constant debate surrounding model size and creates a Fashion Size Debate Fail bingo card.

Skinny Emmie shares her love for clothing that she is absolutely in love with. Could you ask for more?

Musings of a Fatshionista shares her favorite jeans in an outfit of the day.

Young, Fat and Fabulous takes a spin with red lips & mint colored nails and looks amazing while doing so.


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The Blue Couture Winners Have Spoken: They Chose Control-Fit!

By Sarah Conley · January 15, 2010 · 0 Comments ·


If you could have your choice of any pair of Blue Couture jeans, which would you chose?  When it was time for the winners of our Blue Couture Giveaway to select their prize, they all selected our Control-Fit Jeans!

What makes Control-Fit Jeans so great? At first appearance, this five-pocket style looks classic & traditional in styling. However, after closer examination, these jeans are sporting built in power-mesh, designed to help control the bumps & lumps you'd rather not see.

Available in petite, average and tall inseams and flare or bootcut styles, there's a fit for almost every woman. Get them now for $44.99 a pair - you can be a Blue Couture winner too!

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Shop Afrobella's Favorites!

By Sarah Conley · January 6, 2010 · 0 Comments ·

Patrice, the author of Afrobella, has amazing style. You might remember her sharing her plus size fashion insights, words of wisdom and generous spirit with us in an interview last Fall.

We're thrilled to announce the launch of Patrice's very own Blogger Boutique, live right now on Silhouettes.com, full of her favorite items and style tips.  Regarding her selections, Patrice said:

"Party dresses, outfits for romantic dinner dates, cozy sweaters to just be yourself in. My blogger boutique features a little of everything that you need to feel comfortable and look chic at the same time!"

We hope that you enjoy Afrobella's words of wisdom as much as we do.  Which of her picks are your favorite?

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Curvy Commentary 12/11

By Sarah Conley · December 11, 2009 · 0 Comments ·




Chunky Curlz's recent trip to San Francisco left her feeling inspired by all the plus size options the city had to offer.

The Demoiselles take a closer look at what you should be requesting during your next trip to the tailor.

Fat Girls Like Nice Clothes Too takes a walk on the wild side & reviews a va-va-voom corset.

Le Blog de Big Beauty already has her outfit planned for the Holidays and it's fantastic.


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Vote For Your Favorite Spring 2010 Cover!

By Sarah Conley · December 10, 2009 · 0 Comments ·

Which Silhouettes cover for Spring 2010 is your favorite? We want to which trend resonates most with you. Do you love soft feminine florals or are you ready for easy dresses in soft colors?

Share your thoughts in the poll below - you never know, your favorite could be our Spring 2010 cover! If we missed your favorite looks for Spring 2010, tell us in the comments below.

Weekly Bargain - Pencil Skirt

By Silhouettes1 · December 9, 2009 · 0 Comments ·


The pencil skirt is a wardrobe staple that every gal should have in their closet! Our herringbone skirt is the perfect example because it can be worn and styled in many ways, and for numerous occasions. Here are some ideas:

- Pair with a blazer for a chic, business casual look.

- Tuck in a t-shirt and throw on a cardigan for a more casual feel.

- Style with a longer tunic for more comfort (try adding a thin belt to add some form and figure!)

These are just a few of our ideas...snag a pencil skirt for yourself and try creating some looks at home! It was $49.00, now just $19.00!


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Holiday Style: Accessories To Thrill

By Sarah Conley · November 18, 2009 · 0 Comments ·

Around the Holidays each year, there's an unspoken dress code that women subscribe to. Our jewels get bigger, our makeup gets bolder and everything seems to be laden with sequins - it's time to celebrate! Adding a few accent pieces to an outfit you already own can instantly make it fresh. Put a new spin on your wardrobe by adding these recommended party-perfect pieces.

Chain and Ball Earrings - $24 A good chandelier (earring) never hurt anyone. Available in silver & gold, these earrings are the perfect compliment to almost any outfit.

Pearl & Chain Bracelet - $29 Pearls make a great accent to more formal Holiday attire. This bold statement on your wrist is a great alternative when necklaces may not be an option.

Long Hammered Necklace - $39 Juxtaposing feminine with edgier pieces is a great way to add style and the mixture of neutral-toned metals allows it to easily compliment many outfits.

Rhinestone Bangle - $39 For the occasion when your outfit doesn't have enough sparkle, turn to this gorgeously shiny bangle. When you can use the words gorgeous, shiny and sparkle in the same descriptive sentence, do you really need another reason to buy it?

Pearl Pendant Necklace - $29 Delicate and classic, this 36" long necklace is incredibly versatile. Keep it long or double the strand for maximum impact. The large ivory detailed pendant also helps to elongate your look.

Rhinestone Hoops - $39 Rhinestone hoops are a year-round classic, but during the Holiday the extra dose of sparkle goes a long way. These 2" hoops give an outfit a classic, youthful flair.

What accessories are you adding to your collection this Holiday season?

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